Brand Philosophy

About Us

Discover the magic of Balinese spa secrets for a revitalized and refreshed appearance.

Who We Are

We are the experienced experts of over 20 years in the beauty industry. We are that passionate beauty educator that holds firm to the philosophy of “the efficacy of the products depends on the condition of your state of being”. We believe in holistic beauty that influences the state of the mind, emotion and the rejuvenation of the soul. Looking good is not just a physical affair, but true beauty is from the inside out. We appreciate who you already are and desires to enhance that natural beauty within you. While we inspire confidence through beauty, we encourage women to help each other achieve that too!

What We Do

You can rely on and trust us because we have our very own R&D team that is always seeking the best ingredients. Our products are formulated from precious recipes of the rich Balinese heritage passed down through the generations. They are handmade and packaged exclusively in Bali by our specially selected local women who are experts with the balinese natural beauty ingredients. Our products are also being sent for regime tests to ensure it’s premium grade quality and efficacy.

Why We Care

We aim to inspire confidence in as many women as possible through appreciating their natural beauty. We want to create job opportunities for local balinese women so that their lives are enriched with provision for their families too when they plough their hard work into skillfully creating the beauty in others through our products. Through these efforts, we are creating a wider ripple effect of women aiding women as when women support our brand, it is creating provision of blessings to women in other communities to live in.